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Angle former Holzmann STST16

415.83 €

Holzmann STST16 angle iron former with manual control. Ideal in workshops and for the restoration of old vehicles.

Band saw Holzmann HBS810

3,915.83 €

The Holzmann HBS800 band saw is a machine equipped with a cast iron table, a powerful motor and rubber-coated flywheels to ensure a long life of the belt.

Bandsaw Holzmann HBS400

832.50 €

The Holzmann HBS400 band saw offers a cutting height of 220 mm, cast iron rims of 400 mm, 1500W motor ...

Bandsaw Holzmann HBS470 Profi

1,132.50 €

The Holzmann HBS470Profi band saw offers a high cutting height of 285 mm, 470 mm cast iron wheels, 1500 W motor available in single or three phase.

Bandsaw Holzmann HBS610

1,832.50 €

The band saw Holzmann HBS610 offers a good cutting height of 310 mm, 610 mm cast iron wheels, 4 HP motor available in mono or three-phase.

Bandsaw Holzmann HBS700N - 400V

2,832.50 €

The Holzmann HBS700 band saw is a professional model with 5.5 hp motorization, large 700 mm diameter cast-iron flywheels and a very high cutting capacity of 430 mm!

Belt and disc sander Holzmann BT1220TOP

279.17 €

This Holzmann BT1220TOP long belt and disc sander is a machine with a large flat surface for sanding and dressing work. The rounded end of the band is ideal for modeling and sanding fretwork shapes.

Belt sander oscillating Holzmann KOS2260C

770.83 €

The edge sanding machine oscillating Holzmann KOS2260C is a machine supplied with its lockable steel base, equipped with its miter gauge, it guarantees a remarkable sanding accuracy!

Bench drill Holzmann GBM25T

1,374.17 €

The Bench drill Holzmann GBM25T is a robust and powerful machine equipped with many options that will allow you to perform quality work!

Bench Drill Holzmann SB4116HM

329.17 €

The Holzmann SB4116HM bench drill press offers high torque even at low speed thanks to its variable speed and a capacity of 16 mm in steel.

Bench grinder Holzmann DSM250

207.50 €

Holzmann DSM250 bench grinder ideal for the confirmed hobbyist. The induction motor runs quietly and maintenance-free thanks to quality ball bearings. Grinding grade wheels provide optimum results when sharpening tools and deburring.

Column Dilling Press Holzmann ZS50APS - 400 V

2,165.84 €

The Holzmann ZS50APS is a powerful machine with a stepper motor that transforms an electrical pulse into an angular movement, a cooling system and a vertical automatic feed.

Column Drill press - Holzmann GBM25

1,582.50 €

The Holzmann floor drill GBM25 is a robust and powerful machine equipped with many options like 8 different speeds and a powerful 2-stage motor!

Column drilling press Holzmann SB4132SM - 400 V

682.50 €

Die Holzmann SB4132SM Bohrmaschine ist eine leistungsstarke und leistungsstarke Maschine mit einem leistungsstarken Motor und einem Schalter zum Drehen nach links und rechts.

Double bench grinder Holzmann DSM200

165.83 €

Holzmann DSM200 grinding machine ideal for the experienced hobbyist. The induction motor operates quietly and without maintenance thanks to quality ball bearings. Grinding quality wheels provide optimal results when sharpening tools and deburring.

Drill Bit Sharpener Holzmann BSG30PRO

1,165.83 €

Drill Bit Sharpener Holzmann BSG30PRO easy-to-use, capable of sharpening the drills of 3 to 30 mm ! It is suitable for all drills common to 2 of the cutting edges in HSS, cobalt or carbide, and similar materials.

Drilling and milling metal machine Holzmann BF16V

745.84 €

The drill press milling machine BF16V is ideale for drilling,. and milling of small parts. Compact construction provides an environment vibration-free for the Modelers with high requirements.

Drum sander Holzmann ZS400U

870.83 €

The drum sander with cylinder Holzmann ZS400U allows you to sand large areas quickly and easily.

Drum sander Holzmann ZS560FU

1,565.83 €

Holzmann ZS560FU cylinder sanding machine with continuously adjustable cylindrical grinding roller speed via potentiometer.

Dust collector Holzmann ABS1500FF Dust collector Holzmann ABS1500FF
  • -€40.00

Dust collector Holzmann ABS1500FF

317.50 € €360.00 -€40.00

The dust collector Holzmann ABS1500FF is equipped with an FP1 filter cartridge! It has a 750W motor and a suction power of 1500 m³ / h. Its constant suction power will allow you to work easily!

Dust collector Holzmann ABS2480

279.17 €

This dust collector offers a capacity of 300 liters of chip storage, so 2 times more than its competitors! It has a 1500W motor and a suction power of 2480 m³ / h.

Dust collector Holzmann ABS3000SE

382.50 €

The Dust collector Holzmann ABS3000SE is a powerful mobile machine with a powerful 1500W motor guaranteeing an incredible suction capacity of 3000 m³ / h!

Dust collector Holzmann ABS3880

382.50 €

The dust collector Holzmann ABS3880 has a capacity of 2 times 200 liters of chip storage, so more than its competitors, because its height is greater! It has a motor of 2200W, a suction power of 3880 m³ / h!

Dust collector Holzmann ABS4560 - 400V

770.83 €

The dust collector Holzmann ABS 4560 professional workshop will allow you to connect 4 machines simultaneously! Its 5100W motor power and 4560 m³ / h extraction force make it ideal for small and medium-sized workshops!

Dust collector Holzmann ABS5000SE - 400V

537.50 €

The Holzmann ABS5000 chip vacuum cleaner has a 2200W motor and its suction power is very efficient with its 5000 m³ / h! Ideal for small carpentry workshops!

Dust collector metal MABS750

332.50 €

Vacuum cleaner for metal chips Holzmann MABS750, suitable for Holzmann sander MSM100L and metal machines with a suction outlet of Ø 100 mm, convenient thanks to its large capacity tank!

Edge sanding machine oscillating Holzmann KOS2740C

1,457.50 €

This edge sanding oscillating machine Holzmann KOS2740C belt sander is a powerful machine equipped with a lockable base, table stopper and miter fence, an ideal sander for outstanding sanding results!

Electronic metal lathe HOLZMANN ED300FD

815.83 €

Metal lathe top of the range in the field filming with a large distance 300 mm entrepointes. The setting of the continuously variable speed makes this machine ideal for the people followers of precision mechanics as well as for the Modelers.

Column drill Holzmann SB4116HN
  • -€20.00

Floor column drill Holzmann SB4116HN

329.17 € €351.67 -€20.00

The floor column drill Holzmann SB4116HN is the improved version of the SB4115H drill, larger and more powerful, it will allow you to perform quality work!

Grinding machine Holzmann DSM150

104.17 €

The Holzmann DSM150 grinder is an essential work tool for all DIY enthusiasts and professionals. It allows you to sharpen your various tools in order to always obtain an impeccable quality result!

Grinding machine Holzmann DSM150PS

120.83 €

The Holzmann DSM150PS grinder is an essential work tool for all DIY enthusiasts and professionals. It allows you to sharpen your various tools in order to always obtain an impeccable quality result!

Guillotine shear Holzmann BSS1000P

1,332.50 €

Guillotine shear Holzmann equipped BSS1000P for a table of 120 x 50 cm for a comfort of use optimum, usable for cutting sheets of 1000 mm wide x 1 mm thick.

Hole saw set Holzmann LSS17TLG

57.50 €

Holzmann LSS17TLG aluminum case with 13 hole saws, for wood, metals, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastics.

Hollow Chisel Mortiser Holzmann STM26S

829.17 €

The mortiser to square chisel Holzmann STM26S has the same features as its competitors, the tilting head on the right and on the left!

Hydraulic press 10 tons Holzmann WP10H

249.17 €

The hydraulic press 10 ton Holzmann WP10H is suitable for pressing, bending, straightening, the mounting and dismounting of bearings, trees etc...

Hydraulic press 20 ton HOLZMANN WP20H

357.50 €

Hydraulic workshop press Holzmann WP20H suitable for the pressing, bending, straightening, Assembly and disassembly of bearings, trees etc...