Filter bags

All owners of woodworking machines, planer jointers, band saws, table saws, spindle moulders and many others necessarily use a chip vacuum cleaner on which a filter bag makes it possible to capture wood dust.

The filter bag, an essential accessory on a chip vacuum cleaner

This bag filters the fine wood dust collected by the vacuum cleaner while the chips fall into the bottom bag, called the receiving bag. It therefore has an essential role, especially for the health of the user who must not ingest wood particles.

The dimensions of each filter bag are appropriate for the different models of vacuum cleaners and according to their diameter. A little too big? It does not matter, thanks to the strap it will be maintained without problems, the important thing is that it is not too small for your machine.

Cotton or felt filter bags

Shake it regularly but whether it is made of felt or cotton, it should not be washed so as not to remove its filtration power.

Filter bags for vacuum cleaner chip - Probois machinoutils

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