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Abrasive Sanding Sleeve for oscillating sander

The oscillating sander has found its place among the usual sanding systems in the field of carpentry and DIY.

Find here the abrasive sleeves dedicated to oscillating sanders!

These sleeves are made of aluminum oxide abrasive cloth, spirally bonded to a cotton support tube perfect for sanding curves and rounding.

Depending on the model of sanders, the height of the shaft is different and also the diameters are variable. It is important to check this data to choose the right abrasive sleeve patterns.

For the most famous with a 114 mm shaft we have Jean l'ébéniste PAO230, Scheppach OSM100Triton TSPS450 and Triton TSPST450. The proposed sleeves range from diameter 13 mm, 26 mm, 38 mm, 51 mm and 76 mm. For Triton's newest model, the Triton TSPS370 with a 140 mm longer shaft, a selection of abrasive sleeves is also available. Finally, for the portable oscillating sanding model, you will find the 90 mm high sleeves for the famous Triton TSPSP650.

Abrasive Sanding Sleeve for oscillating sander - Probois machinoutils

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