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Metal dust collector

Any sanding operation, metal cutting, milling or drilling causes metal chips to be protected.

The vacuum cleaners are designed for the collection of your metal chips, perfect for all metal machines!

Equipping the metal machine with a suitable suction is essential. Protect yourself from these metal shavings with a vacuum that captures sanding dust with a metal sander or metal chips from a drill press or milling machine or a metal lathe.

Metal dust collector - Probois machinoutils

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Dust collector metal MABS750

479.17 € Tax included

Vacuum cleaner for metal chips Holzmann MABS750, suitable for Holzmann sander MSM100L and metal machines with a suction outlet of Ø 100 mm, convenient thanks to its large capacity tank!

Not available

Metal dust collector Holzmann MABS1500

595.83 € Tax included

The Holzmann MABS1500 metal chip vacuum cleaner is a practical and powerful machine for optimal workshop cleanliness!

Vacuum wood chip machine metal Bernardo MSA1500

829.17 € Tax included

The chip aspirator MSA1500 is particularly suitable for extracting metal chips. This model is mainly used by mechanical workshops and metal fabrication plants.