Circular saw blade carbide

As we said, the carbide circular saw blade is a woodworking tool very used in carpentry, so highly sought after and widely sold.

In fact, who does not have an electric circular saw, a circular saw on a table in his workshop or a straight saw for professionals and wood lovers?

A wide choice of carbide circular saws

Because it can have many differences in its diameter, its bore, its teeth and its application, we offer you here a very wide range of carbide circular saw blades, alternating toothing, trapezoidal teeth for MDF and melamine, for flow or finishing, for wood or non-ferrous metals.

For all major brands of circular saws, we have the blade you need!

Whether you have a Makita, a Hitachi, a Ryobi for example no worries, you have an old machine Kity 627 or K5 no problem either, for table saws of any brand, we have the blade for carbide circular saw you need!

The carbide blades for the circular saws, and saws logs of high quality and of all diameters !

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Set of DADO blades Ø200 mm

99.99 € Tax included

Set of 7 carbide blades for making grooves on a circular saw or on a router.