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Parts for power feeder

Using a woodworking machine like a router is often dangerous, to equip a router is security.

For all those who have a router, we have the spare parts!

Find here a range of parts scalable according to the needs of the owners of a trainer, the pinion to the roller, you can repair and maintain your machine for a long time.

Our parts are adaptable on different brands and models of machines like the old Kity Baby that we find nowadays under the name of Jean l'ébéniste VSHPM3 and many others and formerly also Scheppach FSK3212. For larger machine models, there is the Scheppach FSK3400 that is now known as Holzprofi VSHP32. Do not forget the famous Maggi brand spinning trainers, there are many!

Parts for power feeder - Probois machinoutils

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