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Parts for combined Kity Scheppach Bestcombi 200 mm

The brand Kity and Scheppach is very popular for years in the field of DIY and carpentry.

Find all the spare parts for your Kity Bestcombi 2000 and Scheppach Bestcombi 3.0 wood combination!

We have all heard about the famous Kity Bestcombi wood combination! It comes in 2 different widths, the Kity Bestcombi 2000 was 200 mm wide and the Kity Bestcombi 260 260 mm wide. When Scheppach bought the Kity brand, this handset was taken over and called the Scheppach Bestcombi 3.0 replacing the Bestcombi 2000 and the Scheppach Bestcombi 5.0 replacing the Kity Bestcombi 260.

Service and repair your woodworking machine with our range of upgradeable parts for your Bestcombi 2000 and Bestcombi 3.0!

Parts for combined Kity Scheppach Bestcombi 200 mm

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Screw for overmolded roller

7.91 € Tax included

Overmolded roller adjustment screw allowing the sliding of the sawing and routing carriage

Not available

Key 6x6x25 mm

2.16 € Tax included

Keyway dimensions 6 x 6 x 25 mm

Fine adjustment for longitudinal stop

59.99 € Tax included

Fine adjustment for longitudinal stop that can be mounted on extension tables and machines Kity 429, Bestcombi, etc ...