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Floor column drill Holzmann SB4116HN

395.83 € Tax included

The floor column drill Holzmann SB4116HN is the improved version of the SB4115H drill, larger and more powerful, it will allow you to perform quality work!

Radial floor column drill Bernardo RBM 780 SB

495.83 € Tax included

The drill press Bernardo RBM780SB has a radial displacement of the head to obtain a wider gooseneck! Thanks to its large guide column, it is ideal for machining large parts

Not available

Floor column drill Bernardo SBM 16 Vario

662.50 € Tax included

Column floor drill Bernardo SBM 16 Vario offers high torque even at low speeds thanks to its variable speed and 16 mm capacity in steel. Most often this model is used by amateurs and for training purposes.

Floor column drill Bernardo SBM 20 Vario

829.17 € Tax included

The Floor column drill Bernardo SBM 20 Vario offers high torque even at lower speeds due to its variable speed and a capacity of 20 mm in steel.

Column drill Bernardo BM25SB - 400V

987.50 € Tax included

The powerful column drill BM 25 SB in modern design is equipped as standard with a laser sight, a digital spindle depth display and reversal of the direction of rotation.

Drill press Bernardo SB 32 S - 400V

912.50 € Tax included

Solid and well-designed, the SB 32 S drill press allows you to make 32 mm holes, with the possibility of reaching larger diameters without any problem using core drills. This model offers left/right rotation as standard.

Not available

Column drilling press Holzmann SB4132SM - 400 V

787.50 € Tax included

Die Holzmann SB4132SM Bohrmaschine ist eine leistungsstarke und leistungsstarke Maschine mit einem leistungsstarken Motor und einem Schalter zum Drehen nach links und rechts.

Bench drill Metalprofi PC4132

995.83 € Tax included

The Metalprofi PC4132 bench drill press is equipped with a quick-action chuck, a belt drive system and a lubricant recovery table.

Bench drill Holzmann GBM25T

1,829.17 € Tax included

The Bench drill Holzmann GBM25T is a robust and powerful machine equipped with many options that will allow you to perform quality work!

Not available

Column Drill press - Holzmann GBM25

2,162.50 € Tax included

The Holzmann floor drill GBM25 is a robust and powerful machine equipped with many options like 8 different speeds and a powerful 2-stage motor!

Column Dilling Press Holzmann ZS50APS - 400 V

2,579.17 € Tax included

The Holzmann ZS50APS is a powerful machine with a stepper motor that transforms an electrical pulse into an angular movement, a cooling system and a vertical automatic feed.

Metal drill milling machine Holzmann ZX40PC - 400 V

2,329.17 € Tax included

The drill floor Holzmann ZX40PC is a powerful professional range equipped with a stepper machine to transform an electrical pulse in an angular movement of a cooling system, its heavy base will allow it to absorb vibration and therefore provide quality work.