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Spindle moulder

The spindle moulder is a woodworking machine tool used to profile, mold wood. It is the essential machine in carpentry, cabinet making for the manufacture of furniture!

How does a spindle moulder for woodworking work?

Equipped with a sliding table trolley, the pieces of wood are guided safely towards the router tool. Sometimes equipped with a presser in series on the crankcase, no risk of rejection of the part that is pressed on the table. Without a presser, a router trainer is recommended to ensure the work in the best conditions. The grasshoppers also ensure the work of maintaining the piece of wood, think about it!

The spindle moulder  is the woodworking machine that allows the realization of moldings!

but also in profile and against-profile, flower bed, burr, calibration, etc ...

With a router and its adapted tool holder or router bit, the jointing and splicing of wood becomes fast and easy!

All router tools are available on our site for either 30 mm shaft or 50 mm shaft, a large choice of excellent quality because, work at the top, requires quality tools!

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Spindle moulder Jean l'ébéniste MX5108 - 230V
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Spindle moulder Holzman FS160L
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Spindle moulder Bernardo T500PF
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Router Holzmann FS200 with cart included
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Spindle moulder Jean l'ébéniste MX5110 - 230V
1,582.50 € Price
Spindle moulder Holzmann FS200S with trolley
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Spindle moulder Jean l'ébéniste MX5110T
1,882.50 € Price
Spindle moulder Jean l'ébéniste TO1000A
2,332.50 € Price
Spindle moulder Holzmann FS200SF
2,165.83 € Price
Spindle moulder Holzmann FS300SP - 400V
3,249.17 € Price