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Spindle moulder

Table routers or spindle moulder work like a router but with router bits.

The table router: Reliable and powerful!

Do not be afraid of the power-driven router, which can be dangerous when used on the fly, the table-top router gives you safety, guidance and comfort when milling! It allows the setting of the router bit very easily, it is supplied with clamps of 6, 8 and 12 mm in order to access a wide range of carbide burs allowing the realization of moldings, border, profile and counter-profile, tongue-and-groove. Carpentry, cabinetmaking or renovation at your fingertips!

Spindle moulder - Probois machinoutils

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Table JET JRT-1 for plunge router

145.83 € Tax included

The ideal compromise between a router and a router, the JRT-1 router table allows you to carry out your milling work with precision and ease. Perfect for small workshops and job sites.

Router table JET JRT-2 for plunge router

233.33 € Tax included

JET JRT-2 router table for mounting and fixing a router upside down, and thus working as on a small router. Lightweight and small footprint.

Not available

Router Triton TWX7RT001 module

207.50 € Tax included

Router module designed specifically for the Workcentre TWX7. Compatible with routers Triton (TRA001, MOF001, and JOF001) for shaping, planing, grooving, create mouldings and notches.

Not available

Router table Bernardo RT3F

579.17 € Tax included

Router table for Bernardo RT3F router usable with all standard routers.