The company Probois@machinoutils contributes to the tax, the government's so-called Eco-systems, according to decree 2005-829 of 20 July 2005 and the article L541-10-2 of the code of the environment, class 6.1, according to fee schedule: electrical and electronic tools, applicable as of 15 November 2006 and 15 November 2007 for the DOM-TOM.

We would like to explain to you what is this tax :


Eco-systems is committed to proceed, or to proceed to provide or contribute to, for your consideration, the financing of the collection, removal and treatment of EEE at end of life.
Our commitment to Eco-systems, provides evidence, in the light of the authorities competent, compliance by our company of its obligations environmental such as provided by the rights community and national.

Field of application :

The contract covers the whole of the EEA household falling under the categories 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 within the meaning of article R543-172 of the Code of the Environment,
and marketed on the French territory by the Producer Participant.

As a subscriber to Eco-systems, we need to :
- Report to Eco-systems, the quantities of EEE that your company has put on the market to determine the amount of its contribution ;
- Payment of financial contributions, allowing Eco-systems to fulfill its missions for the collection, removal and treatment of EEE for household and
waste resulting therefrom ;
- Hold at the disposal of Eco-systems and its providers the information necessary for the processing of WEEE ;

5. HOW to CHARGE The ECO-contribution ?
Eco-participation is an element in addition to the product price and is subject to the taxes applicable to the products.
Therefore, it is therefore subject to the same VAT as applicable to the product put on the market.
The eco-contribution must be charged in a visible way and be the subject of a particular mention at the bottom of the invoice for the sale of any new electrical and electronic equipment, household.

Electrical and Electronic equipment (EEE) household : household equipment, in accordance with article R543-173 of the Code of the Environment, defined according to article R543-172 of the code of the Environment falling under the categories 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, put on the market by the Producer Participant.
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) household : Are considered as waste household electrical and electronic equipment waste from electrical and electronic equipment from private households.

France : the area consisting of the metropolis, the overseas territories and Communities beyond the Seas for which the
national regulation applies.

Amounts of eco-contribution to be applied from 1 September 2013

Our products fit in the framework of the category 6 :
"electrical and electronic tools "
06.1 Small tools 0,17 € ht = 0.20 €
06.2 Large tooling 1,25 € ht = € 1.50

Each fee collected is, therefore, paid to the penny in the charity Eco-systems in order to contribute to the reclassification of the waste.
Thank you for your understanding.