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Roller stand

The roller stand can support long pieces of wood, the essential accessory in carpentry and in the workshop!

A range of roller and ball stand !

Firstly, the Triton MSA200 servant who has multiple functions: ingenious this roller stand can both tighten parts that support or drag!

The role of a roller and ball stand is to allow the long and long displacement of long pieces of wood. It is an essential accessory at the exit of planer, a circular saw or a bandsaw, etc ...!

Choose your roller stand according to the weight she will have to bear or the length of your pieces of wood. Do not underestimate the risk of seeing your workshop maid show signs of weakness. There are maids that can support large weights because their structure is much stronger than others, the shape of their legs is also important to ensure good stability.

Finally, you will find the 9-roll extendable roller stand that will support large litters for the greatest pleasure of wood professionals and hobbyists!

Roller stand - Probois machinoutils

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Multi-Stand MSA200 Triton

49.99 € Tax included

Servant that can be used as a work support or clamping piece! Super-wide telescopic tripod base for added stability


Ball stand Holzmann S1609

45.83 € Tax included

Multidirectional trolley for moving the length and width of long pieces, supports up to 60 kg!

Roller and ball trolley Bernardo CFRS-8 Roller and ball trolley Bernardo CFRS-8
  • -€10.00

Roller and ball trolley Bernardo CFRS-8

64.99 € Tax included €74.99 -€10.00

Folding and lightweight Bernardo CFRS-8 roller and ball trolley, making it optimal for mobile use.