Need a machine? Probois Machinoutils offers a wide range of machines from major brands such as Kity, Scheppach, Holzmann, Bernardo, Triton, Leman.

Wood and metal machines:

The woodworking workshop machines will allow you to saw, plan, plan your wood pieces and sharpen your tools! Work your wood with efficiency and comfort and take advantage of our vacuum cleaners for the maintenance and cleaning of your workshop.

The high quality metal machines will allow you to cut, bend, mill, drill your metal parts with ease and precision!

Garden machinery:

Owning a clean and well-maintained garden is a real pleasure, so we offer a range of quality machines and garden tools at the best price. From the mower to the brushcutter to the log splitter, these machines are perfect for maintaining your outdoors as the seasons go by.

Power tools :

House work such as renovating a room, drilling a wall or attaching an element requires the use of power tools . These small machines (wired, battery or pneumatic) will help you perform your daily tasks with comfort and efficiency, so we offer a full range of power tools at the best price!

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