Construction equipment

Probois Machinoutils is not just machines and tools for wood!

A wide range of machines and tools for building and construction!

Because the individual is anxious to carry out his interior and exterior landscaping work himself, it is in his interest to equip himself with construction equipment worthy of construction professionals!

This is why the brands Scheppach or Zipper for example offer all equipment dedicated to construction at very competitive prices and the dimension of the handyman.

Material adapted to every need

Find at Probois Machinoutils building tools such as electric mixers, tile cutters, rammers and vibrating plates, augers and cut-pavers but also mini-dumpers for transporting rubble.

Tools for construction sites or at home!

Whether you are working outdoors on a construction site or working at home, our range of generators and compressors will ensure your work in peace!

Lifting equipment for the building and the pneumatic - Probois machinoutils

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Electric tile cutter Zipper ZI-FS115
  • -€30.00

Electric tile cutter Zipper ZI-FS115

35.83 € €66.33 -€30.00

This small Zipper ZI-FS115 electric tile cutter is a practical and ergonomic machine that can be transported easily!

Electric tile cutter Scheppach FS3600
  • -€20.00

Electric tile cutter Scheppach FS3600

354.17 € €376.67 -€20.00

This Electric tile cutter Scheppach FS3600 offers a large cutting capacity of up to 920 mm long !


Electric tile cutter Scheppach FS4700 Electric tile cutter Scheppach FS4700
  • -€20.00

Electric tile cutter Scheppach FS4700

437.50 € €460.00 -€20.00

This Electric tile cutter Scheppach FS4700 offers a large cutting capacity up to 1200 mm long !


Electric tile cutter Scheppach HSM3500

699.17 €

This tile cutter Scheppach electric, HSM3500 with a power of 2000 W will allow you to cut tiles to fit the dimensions of the surface to tile, and this safely.

Earth auger Scheppach EB1700

190.83 €

Scheppach EB1700 thermal Auger ideal for drilling holes for fence posts, hedge shrubs and trees! 

Distribution box Holzmann SSV32A

229.08 €

Currents are often very rare sites, thanks to this set of distribution you can get electricity from a 32 A connection and distribute it to other devices !

Vibration tamper Scheppach VS1000

832.50 €

The Scheppach VS1000 ramming will allow you to Damer pavers as well as roads, sidewalks, and locations where the soil must be stabilized.

Plate compactor Scheppach HP1300

437.50 €

Scheppach HP1300 vibrating plate equipped with a petrol 4 engine time to 6.5 HP suitable for paving and compaction.

Dumper Scheppach DP3000 - 6.5 HP

1,140.83 €

This Scheppach DP3000 dumper is equipped with a large bucket capacity allowing you to carry bricks, Earth, gravel and others, it is also equipped with 4-wheel drive for a maximum of traction!

Dumper Scheppach DP5000 - 6.5 HP

1,999.17 €

This dumper Scheppach DP5000 fafacilitate the transport of sand, gravel, stones, wood, materials bulky and much more. It is the ideal machine to move loads up to 500 kg.

Inverter generator Scheppach SG1200

189.16 €

Generator Inverter Scheppach SG1200 puissant, compact, reliable, amazing report quality / price, this group SG1200 of Scheppach is invaluable for camping, aboard a boat and provides troubleshooting home. Small footprint, it is easily transportable and easy to store when not in use.

Compressor Scheppach AIR CASE

99.99 €

A superb compressor very innovative from Scheppach and simply essential in your home or in your small workshop.

Generator Scheppach SG7000 - 5500W

699.17 €

This Scheppach SG7000 gasoline generator is a reliable power source for all locations where there is no power from the grid.

Power generator Scheppach SG3500

704.17 €

Everything you need in a classic portable generator including it being powered by Honda. Adapted to your needs the new Scheppach SG3500 is the ideal solution for all independant electricity requirements. Reliability in one compact generator.

Block splitter Scheppach HSC130 Block splitter Scheppach HSC130
  • -€20.00

Block splitter Scheppach HSC130

187.50 € €207.50 -€20.00

Scheppach HSC130 pavers cut is suitable for cutting pavers, slabs and curbs in the commercial formats.