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Format saw and panel saw

It is often knowledgeable amateurs and carpentry professionals who will look for this type of sophisticated and generous woodworking machines.

The circular format saw or panel saw allows the delimitation of panels to put them in formats and dimensions.

The format saw is equipped with a large sliding blade-mounted aluminum trolley with a crutch frame to support large pieces of wood. The cutting height of a panel saw is also more interesting than on a table saw and almost always comes with a scoring machine to ensure clean cuts without blade change.

These woodworking machines are supplied with powerful motors to ensure the possibility to work continuously and without risk of heating, an indispensable machine tool in a large workshop ...

Many brands offer these quality saws and panel saws!

Among the best known, we have the brand Holzmann, Scheppach, Holzprofi, John the cabinetmaker.

Format and panel saws - Probois machinoutils

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