Router bits

Router cutters are dedicated to ripper work which is not an easy operation in the field of carpentry!

Quality router bits!

Our router bits have an anti-kickback profile in compliance with quality standards. They are covered with teflon allowing the chips not to stick. The beautiful thickness of the 2 profiled carbide brazed pads on the body offers a longer life.

For 6 to 12.7 mm shank routers, we offer a wide range of router bits for all types of work: grooving, tongue or groove, routing, molding, chamfering, quarter rounds, holidays, dovetails, curls and decorative moldings, ...

We offer router cutters presented in a box.

They are good quality but also economical for the handyman wanting to get a nice range at a reduced price. At the unit for the most demanding, our professional carbide micrograin router bits will bring a more precise and clean job.

To be used in compliance with the safety standards in force.

Router bits - Probois machinoutils

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