Bench grinder

The bench grinder, the indispensable machine for grinding, honing, deburring, deburring and shaping!

But what does a bench grinder allow?

Deburring is the removal of the metal burr caused by cutting on the grinder, deburring also involves removing a finer burr caused by cutting with a hacksaw, for example, and shaping is used to to shape the metal, to grind it. The double drum will offer the opportunity to mount 2 different grinding wheels for deburring and shaping, the mixed drum will have the added advantage of providing a different speed to each grinding wheel.

The grinding wheels are important, for roughing, to choose a gray grinding wheel, for finishing a white grinding wheel. A leather disc will remove the wire after sharpening.

Remember to fix your grinder on your workbench and choose it with sufficient power according to whether you are DIY or professional!

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