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Mortising drill bit and chisel

There are 2 types of mortising bits : basic with chip break or helical for better chip evacuation.

The mortise drill is mounted on the end-of-shaft mortising machines of a planer jointer.

Its direction of rotation is therefore a function of that of the machine. To avoid any error in the control, always look at the direction of rotation of the mandrel of the back splitter, especially no face! If the mandrel turns to the left, then a mortise drill is needed left rotation and vice versa.

The purpose of a mortise drill is to achieve deep mortises, work that a router can not do with as much advancement as the mortiser. The mortise made, the post will easily fit.

The mortise and tenon are the reference assembly in carpentry and cabinet making!

A perfect harmony between aesthetics and solidity. These mortise locks allow you to work in depth because the longer the tenon, the better the hold. This is in principle the assembly used for door crossings.

Mortising drill bit and chisel - Probois machinoutils

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