Spare parts for Parkside machines

Parkside is a brand distributed by LIDL stores which offers tools at a very attractive price-quality ratio. Parkside distributes many woodworking machines but also portable power tools and compressors. We will be able to follow these devices as we go along in terms of after-sales service by offering you Parkside spare parts.

LIDL Parkside spare parts and accessories for all types of machine tools

Spare parts are already available in stock for the Parkside PTK2000 or PTK2000A1 table saw, for the compressor model PKO270A1 or the Parkside PKS1500A1 miter saw, for example. Our selection of parts will be updated regularly to offer you more and more models.

All our items are shipped with fast delivery and with Probois machinoutils quality after-sales service.

Spare parts for Parkside machines - Probois Machinoutils

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