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Plasma cutter Scheppach PLC40 Plasma cutter Scheppach PLC40
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Plasma cutter Scheppach PLC40

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Powerful and compact Scheppach PLC40 plasma cutter emitting a regular plasma beam and allowing to cut up to 12 mm thick.

Plasma cutter Holzmann DIPA40NEO

162.50 € Tax included

The HOLZMANN DIPA40NEO Inverter plasma cutter, with its compact design, is ideal for cutting depths of up to 12 mm.

Plasma inverter cutter Holzmann DIPA100NEO

912.50 € Tax included

The HOLZMANN DIPA100NEO compressed air inverter plasma cutter allows cutting depths of up to 40 mm with options for adjusting the cutting torch mode and post flow time for optimal cutting results.

Cutter Plasma inverter Holzmann DIPA 100

979.17 € Tax included

Cutter plasma inverter Holzmann DIPA100 ideal for precision work, lightweight and portable, it will allow you to work anywhere !