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Accessories for spindle moulder

Working at the router requires a lot of accessories that must always be at hand.

All the essential accessories for working with a spindle moulder

Already if you have a top, always make sure that it has all the basic safety: a housing with a bar guide, a tree with all its rings, hat and screw at the end of the shaft to tighten the tools.

Then, to have fun is to have at your fingertips: grasshoppers, a ruler, a caliper, etc.

If you decide to work on the tree, that is to say, do some fretwork or copying, get the tree work guide, ball guide rings or multi-curved template is almost essential.

And as a router can also work as a router, do not forget that the chuck carbide router bit exists, fits at the end of the shaft and allows for a small molding quickly.

Accessories for spindle moulder - Probois machinoutils

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Guide safety in the slat for spinner length 700 mm

382.50 € Tax included

Security Guide a length of 700 mm aluminum adapted to the model of a spinning top or average combined model. (also available in length of 600 for smaller models and 1000 mm for the larger rotors).