Accessories for dust collector

The use of a chip vacuum cleaner is essential in the work of carpentry. Indeed, woodworking machines send a lot of sawdust and wood chips, so it is important for the health of the user to work with suction.

Who says vacuum cleaner chips, said inevitably, accessories to connect to the machine!

There are many basic accessories, unavoidable consumables that any owner of a shop vacuum needs: this is the suction hose to connect the machine to the vacuum cleaner, the filter bag to filter the fine wood dust or receiving bag used to collect wood chips.

But also all the accessories of chip vacuum cleaner improving and facilitating the use

The filter cartridges replacing the filter bag on a chip vacuum cleaner is the most efficient solution to completely eliminate the very fine wood dust. Automatic triggers will make life easier and a lot of back and forth between the machine and your vacuum cleaner, zipper nozzles maximize the power of your vacuum avoiding any loss of air flow, gearboxes and other bifurcation pants allied to the collar tightening will adjust the suction hose on your machines.

Finally, do not forget the broom sensors that at the end of your working day will allow you to make your workplace clean ...

Accessories for dust collector - Probois machinoutils

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