Sandpaper and abrasive for sanding

Abrasives, especially sandpaper, are the consumables most used by a large number of people in the world of DIY and professionals.

Quality abrasives for all types of sanders !

Whether for sanding by hand or on the machine, there are all kinds of abrasive: roll paper for the installation manual and on the machine, abrasive belt of diameter 125 mm to 300 mm for lapidary sanders and sanders. portable discs or basic sander, abrasive shaped, rectangular or triangular, vibrating sanders and finishing sanders, abrasive sleeves suitable for oscillating sanders, fine strips for electric lime, the range is very large car sanding on wood or metal is a daily operation of the handyman and the professional.

Different qualities of paper or glass existing, on paper support for any price for occasional users up to support for professionals and individuals looking for the quality of its consumable!

Sandpaper and abrasive for sanding - Probois machinoutils

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