Drum sander

The Drum sander allows you to sand quickly and in one operation the entire surface of the piece of wood ensuring excellent surfacing and calibration.

A sanding machine for professional sanding.

This woodworking machine is used to calibrate, ie to sand to reach the desired thickness of wood as a planer in fact but by means of one or two sanding rollers depending on the model. It usually has adjustable feed speed and built-in dust extraction. Real professional equipment that can be found in carpentry workshops but also for the individual, some brands having started to create entry-level models to discover here!

Drum sander - Probois machinoutils

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Drum sander Jean l'ébéniste SPBL405
774.17 € Price
Drum sander Bernardo ZSM405
804.17 € Price
Drum sander Holzmann ZS400U
857.50 € Price
Ponceuse calibreuse à cylindre Bernardo ZSM500
957.50 € Price
Drum sander cylinder Bernardo ZSM560
1,032.50 € Price
Drum sander Holzmann ZS560U (without frame)
1,070.83 € Price
Drum sander HOLZMANN ZS640P
2,065.83 € Price
Drum sander Holzmann ZS970P (without frame)
3,832.50 € Price