Carbide inserts for tool holders

Carbide inserts are 2 or 4 sections depending on the shape. There are some on all router holders!

Reversible carbide inserts for router tool holders

Platelet tools are widely used nowadays, firstly because their price is very interesting at Probois Machinoutils and because working wood with carbide router tools is much more profitable!

For example, a multifunctional tool holder or a crimping and tenoning tool holder is equipped with 2-cut straight carbide inserts and / or 4-cut carbide cutters.

It is enough to equip the tool holder on which are always mounted the carbide plates making it possible to make the cut in the wood then, after the use of the 2 or 4 faces, it is enough just to replace the plate or plates. The toolholder, it does not change: a term economy and especially the guarantee of a job pro.

Indeed, in woodworking, toolholders with carbide inserts give much better results in solid wood, melamine, MDF, etc ... than steel router bits or brazed end mills. bluish and do not attack the wood as a carbide tool can do.

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