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Belts for woodworking machines Lurem

The Lurem brand of woodworking machines was very popular and very popular in DIY!

Find here all the belts for your Lurem machine!

Thanks to our progressive range of belts, you will be able to continue working with your Lurem machine. We have everything for the different Lurem handsets that have existed such as the Lurem C2000, Lurem C2100 and Lurem C2600, the Lurem Maxi 26 and the Optal 26, the Lurem C20, Lurem C310 and C260N and many more. Among the jointers, we offer belts for the Lurem RD26, Lurem RD31 and Lurem RD41 and many more because the range of Lurem machines was very long!

Belts for woodworking machines Lurem - Probois machinoutils

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