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Marques compatibles

Marques compatibles

Bandsaw blade 1050 to 1425 mm

Band saw blades for small machines are for the general public.

Hardened steel not reassignable, waiting and welded, you appreciate our excellent French quality, steel, they are very good quality cut and long lasting, they are of Asian origin!

We equip all the stages of a ribbon requiring a blade of 1050 to 1425 mm length!

The 1085 mm band saw blade is a standard size for Ryobi, Metawood, Elem, small band saws, etc.

The 1400 mm ribbon blade is the proper size of the Scheppach HBS20 and Kity SAR200 ribbon.

Lastly, the 1425 mm ribbon blade is the most common dimension for small MEJIX, DELTA, REXON, FOX F28180, GENERAL GR2V 190 ribbon saws, etc.

Bandsaw blade 1050 to 1425 mm - Probois machinoutils

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