Tools for spindle moulder

How to work at the router without tools? But how do you know which tools you bought?

We offer a wide range of high quality router tools!

To carry out all the work of molding, profiling, tenoning and many others.

For each of the router tools we explain what they are used to allow you to better visualize the work they do.

We also give technical information about their cutting diameter to guide you to the right router tool and do not take the risk of using an over-sized toolholder in relation to the capabilities of your router.

We have made every effort to present the accessories for router, equip properly is essential because the job at the top is certainly the most complex and dangerous work.

Finally, do not forget the books and technical magazines that will guide you and help you in the understanding and mastery of your top, full of tricks to carry out your confection, they will reveal all about the work of the carpentry and the restoration.

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