Plunge Router

This machine is ideal for carpentry work.

The router is a portable machine designed for machining woodwork in carpentry and cabinet making.

A cutter is mounted on this machine, its shape and size are variable and chosen according to the desired machining. Thanks to this cutter you can make different profiles: moldings, grooves or mortises, dovetails and others.

This machine is an alternative to the router or router table, lighter and manageable, it is perfect for the beginner.

It is better to choose a machine with a connector for suction, because the router creates a lot of dust, which can be very unpleasant.

Top-of-the-range models make work more comfortable and precise than entry-level machines, they are heavier and vibrations are limited, adjustment is easier and the clamp is safer.

Plunge Router - Probois machinoutils

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Défonceuse Triton MOF001 à vitesse variable queue 8 mm - 1400 W
  • -€10.00
Triton MOF001 router to speed variable tail 8 mm - 1400 W
231.66 € Regular price €242.16 Price
Triton TRA001 router to speed variable tail of 12 mm - 2400 W
291.66 € Price
Chevilleuse dowel boring machine Triton TDJ600
162.49 € Price
Table milling Holzmann for router
182.50 € Price
Spindle moulder Scheppach HF50 with extensions
  • -€40.00
Spindle moulder Scheppach HF50 with extensions
209.17 € Regular price €251.67 Price
Triton Workcentre TWX7
415.83 € Price
Router Triton TWX7RT001 module
224.17 € Price
TWX7 Workcentre & Router Table Module Kit
624.17 € Price
TWX7 Workcentre, Router Table & Contractor Saw Module Kit
982.50 € Price
Editions "The canopy" : Défonceuses, cutters and accessories
28.43 € Price
Dovetail jig Holzmann ZFS600
124.17 € Price
Table de fraisage Bernardo RT3T pour défonceuse
  • -€70.00
Table de fraisage Bernardo RT3T pour défonceuse
320.83 € Regular price €390.83 Price