Universal Mobile Base

Often the machine, whether it is a wood combination, a planer jointer, a router, a table saw or band saw and many others do not have their final place in the workshop of the professional or in the local of the individual. We must transport them!

With our moving kits, easily move your woodworking machine!

The Woodworking Machine Travel Kits can be adjusted in any direction to instantly adapt to any square or rectangular shape. Made of solid steel, they are covered with high temperature paint. In a stabilized position, the carriage is supported on two nylon wheels and two anti-vibration pads. Both wheels rotate 360 ​​° according to the models allowing the displacement.

They can support up to a weight of 480 kg because the steel bars offered by the kits are much thicker to support the weight. Do not under-evaluate your machine, take the most adequate!

Other universal movement kits have a drawbar and wheels.

With these universal moving kits for woodworking machines, you just need to drill the frame of your machine for the installation of the wheels as well as for the support of the drawbar. Each machine will adapt a kit of displacement, the accessory essential to its mobility!

Universal Mobile Base - Probois Machinoutils

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