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Scroll saw

The jigsaw or scroll saw is a saw with a thin flexible blade used to cut fine pieces of wood curved or straight.

A wide choice of scroll saws !

This saw is very used by luthiers, in the marquetry or in the restoration. Its gooseneck makes it possible to work large pieces of wood. Easy to use, no need for complicated adjustment except the tension of the blade, the user works very fast with his machine! Its vertical movement for cutting wood requires absolutely fixing the machine to the bench to avoid vibrations. Different scroll saw blades are available on our website Probois machinoutils optional depending on the type of wood to work or metal!

Scroll saw - Probois machinoutils

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Scroll saw Holzmann DKS21PRO

120.83 € Tax included

This scroll saw Holzmann DKS21PRO is a machine designed for model making and hobbies, for complex cuts of different materials!

Scroll saw JET JSS-354V

695.83 € Tax included

The JWSS 354-V is a high-end scroll saw, for scrolling parts requiring large capacities and excellent ergonomics, and with a variable speed system.