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Dry saw

Dry Saws and metal chainsaws are compact and powerful machines equipped with a disc capable of cutting profiles and other metal parts.

Our range consists of different kinds of dry saw!

There are indeed those that can be put on workbench or movable on site and fixed saws on base for the workshop exclusively.

These machines are efficient and effective, able to cut resistant and solid objects. There are several variations of this machine but the principle is very often the same. The hacksaw is ideal for straight cuts. The robust and heavy construction of this machine limits the vibrations, it will allow you to cut your metal parts with precision and ease.

Dry saw - Probois machinoutils

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Hacksaw Holzmann portable, MKS180
  • -€10.00
Hacksaw portable Holzmann MKS180
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Hacksaw portable Holzmann MKS355
299.17 € Price
Circular metal saw portable Holzmann MKS225
457.50 € Price
Circular Saw Bernardo CS250 ECO
1,099.17 € Price
Circular saw Bernardo CS250
1,165.83 € Price
Circular Saw Bernardo CS315L
2,037.50 € Price
Circular saw Bernardo CS350L
2,307.50 € Price