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Combined spindle moulder-saw

A 2-in-1 handset for small and large panel sawing and wood-molding operations! This combined wood combines two essential operations of carpentry in one machine.

How does a combined spindle moulder-saw ?

Often these handsets have a large sliding aluminum slide slide trolley for work formatting very convenient also for routing. These machines have a powerful motor and depending on the model the router has several cutting speeds.

The circular saw with an interesting blade diameter allows a good cutting height. The table is therefore also larger and allows larger pieces of wood to be milled more easily than on a single router or an entry-level circular saw.

A woodworking machine that is dedicated to both the individual and the woodworking professional as it comes in different versions, trolley length and motorization!

Combined spindle moulder-saw - Probois machinoutils

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Combined router saw Holzmann KF315VF with cart 2000 mm

4,895.00 € Tax included

The handset spinning saw Holzmann KF315VF is equipped with a sliding aluminium trolley and framework to crutch of 2000 mm to an updated format of wood working (exists also in 2600 mm).

Not available

Spindle moulder saw Holzprofi Maker TS315I carriage 2000 mm - 230V

5,795.00 € Tax included

The Holzprofi Maker TS315i router saw comes standard with 2 motors, a 315 mm blade for a cutting height of up to 100 mm, and a scoring unit for a clean cut of sheet material. Generous standard equipment equips this model offering maximum performance.

Wood combined 250 mm... Wood combined 250 mm...
  • -€200.00

Wood combined 250 mm independent bi-blocks of 5 operations

3,890.00 € Tax included €4,095.00 -€200.00

The combination of the Bernardo FK200R router and the Holzmann HOB260NL jointer and planer will offer you all the advantages of a handset without the inconvenience of dismantling guides and accessories!