Reversible Planer Knive

Reversible jointer blades have 2 sharp sides and are not re-grindable. Equipped with light, they are positioned directly on the iron holders of the machine.

Jaws of disposable jointer so very easy to change!

These jointer blades do not require special adjustment by hand or with a magnetic positioner.

On the other hand, one can reproach them for having a shorter life compared to the irreversible irons because they are less thick and less high.

It is therefore necessary to check if the planer jointer has these famous iron carriers because all the models, recent generally, are not equipped and machines can also propose the 2 solutions: regrindable or reversible irons.

Reversible irons for the famous well-known machines!

Among the most popular jointers compatible with these irons, we find the Kity Bestcombi 260, the Kity 2636 and Kity 2638, the Kity 1647 and also the Scheppach Plana or the Triton TPT125!

Reversible Planer Knive - Probois machinoutils

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