Electric parts for machines

A woodworking machine, a garden machine or a machine tool works exclusively through a whole electrical or thermal system.

Find in this category the electrical parts for all your machines!

We offer single-phase or three-phase motors for your Kity, Scheppach and other brand woodworking machines, motor starter capacitors, electrical outlets, extension cords, fuses, switches and all other essential electrical parts. For log saws or log splitters, Scheppach and Woodster brand vegetable grinders and brush cutters compatible with other equivalent brands, many electrical parts are also available. Do not hesitate to tell us about your needs, our range expands every day according to the requests of our customers!

Electric parts for wood machines - Probois machinoutils

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Distribution box Holzmann SSV32A

207.50 € Tax included

Currents are often very rare sites, thanks to this set of distribution you can get electricity from a 32 A connection and distribute it to other devices !

Switch for Scheppach band saws

29.16 € Tax included

Switch for Scheppach HBS300 and Scheppach HBS300XWB band saws and Scheppach HS260L table saw or HD12 chip vacuum cleaner