Abrasive disc hook and loop perforated 125 mm

Portable disk sanders require self-gripping discs with perforation because the suction passes through.

Here are the abrasive discs Velcro system with 8 holes diameter 125 mm.

All brands in power tools offer small diameter sanders diameter 125 mm, the 8 holes are standard to all standard velcro trays to receive the abrasive disc. The perforations are essential to let chips that do not stay in the machine to avoid damaging it. Different grains, from the finest to the largest, are available in our range to allow sanding finishing or roughing depending on the work to be done. The small prices offered will allow you to equip you cheap and choose several varieties, enjoy!

Abrasive disc hook and loop perforated 125 mm - Probois machinoutils

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