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In DIY, whether you work with metal or wood, you will necessarily need a clamping tool to effectively hold your parts during their machining or assembly.

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At Probois Machinoutils, we offer a wide range of tools: pump clamps, frame clamps, vices, wall presses, floating parquet press, without forgetting screw clamps and quick-release clamps. the Piher brand, but also tightening tools from the Holzprofi brand. Don’t hesitate to browse our different categories of tightening tools to find the model that suits you!

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Quick horizontal toggle clamp

20.83 € Tax included

The Quick horizontal toggle clamp makes it possible to safely hold the pieces of wood to be machined

Large pad for ETAITOP Piher prop - Length 35 cm

13.33 € Tax included

The pad clips onto the original shoe of the PIHER 3rd hand prop. This is a quick way to obtain a prop capable of supporting loads requiring greater spans (gypsum board for example).

Piher Kit for plasterer

166.66 € Tax included

Piher kit for plasterer composed of 2 ETAITIP + 2 ARM+3 for ETAITOP + 2 large skates for ETAITOP and a storage bag!