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Table saw

The stationary circular saw or table saw allows you to delineate planks, panels or cut your parquet. Its power, size, table and cutting height are to be considered when choosing!

The table saw: a precision machine

Whether on a 6-way woodworking machine or an individual machine, the circular saw is accompanied by a different format wagon, depending on the size of the wood panels to be worked. The ideal is the slide-in aluminum sliding trolley ensuring accuracy and quality but it can also be flat table. The rear extension is essential to collect the cut piece of wood and often the table saw has a side extension to work the large pieces of wood. Different carbide circular saw blades are available in addition, choose the toothing according to what you want to cut, hardwood, softwood, parquet, the saw blade can not be universal and even if the change is tedious, you must always work with the appropriate woodworking tools!

Circular saws, table and band saws format - Probois machinoutils

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Table saw Scheppach HS110 - 2000 W

167.00 €

Scheppach 254 mm table circular saw equipped with a powerful 2000 W motor for making cuts with efficiency and precision.

Circular saw Metabo TS 254 M

529.00 €

Compact mobile Metabo TS 254 M table saw with good cutting capacity and high working comfort.

Table circular saw Bernardo TK200RN

845.00 €

This very versatile Bernardo TK200RN table saw, ideal for DIY enthusiasts, combines power and precision in a very compact machine. Its standard sliding table greatly increases user comfort.

Table circular saw Bernardo PKS250P

1,429.00 €

The PKS 250 P precision saw features several technical innovations, such as a sliding table 1300, longitudinal fence with fine adjustment, sawblade tilting on the front side and many more, which are rather unusual for a machine of this size. Most commonly this model is used among amateurs, craftsmen and in small businesses.

Table circular saw Bernardo STS1300ECO

1,895.00 €

The Bernardo STS1300ECO table saw is equipped with a 2.2 kW motor and a 254 mm diameter saw blade for cutting heights up to 80 mm. This model is primarily intended for DIY applications as well as small business as an auxiliary machine.

Table circular saw Holzmann...
  • -€150.00

Table circular saw Holzmann TS315F1600

2,249.00 € €2,401.50 -€150.00

Holzmann TS315F1600 circular saw equipped with a 315 mm diameter blade allowing cuts up to 85 mm!