Sawing wood is an essential operation in carpentry and DIY that must be done with the most suitable machine.

Various portable electric saws are available here for all your cutting!

Let's look at the plunge saw, a machine whose blade descends into the wood by adjusting the depth of cut, thus giving the plunge-cut circular saw a real safety compared to the standard circular saw. More generally known and used, the portable circular saw is the indispensable tool for regular rectilinear cutting work that is handled with two hands, it is ideal for straight cuts on different lengths. For cutting worktop cutting, for straight or round cuts at 90 ° or 45 °, the jigsaw is an ideal power tool! Finally the saber saw which is close to the family of jigsaws is ideal for cutting different materials such as wood, steel, plastic, powerful it allows difficult cuts. A whole range of portable electric saws to choose according to the sawing work to realize for the do-it-yourselfer and the professional.

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