Other workbench and stand

A well-equipped and optimized workshop is the guarantee of an easy and fast work.

That's why here you will find the trestles, workbenches and other supports!

Essential accessories in his workshop or in his garage, you will have the choice between portable workbench, trestles serving as vice, wall system of storage of wood or storage of pipe, etc ...

Workbench and stand for carpintery - Probois Machinoutils

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Multi-Stand MSA200 Triton
39.16 € Price
WoodRack Storage System Triton WRA001
49.99 € Price
Triton SuperJaws XXL Portable Clamping System
158.33 € Price
Triton Workcentre TWX7
415.83 € Price
TWX7 Workcentre, Router Table & Contractor Saw Module Kit
982.50 € Price
TWX7 Workcentre & Router Table Module Kit
624.17 € Price
Multifonctions table 5 in 1 Holzmann
157.50 € Price
Universal saw table Holzmann USK1710
91.66 € Price
Work bench Holzmann WT37
224.17 € Price
Work bench Holzmann WT39
240.83 € Price
Wooden workbench for children Holzmann WB106MINI
140.83 € Price
Sawhorse Holzmann AB1015
57.50 € Price