Chucks for metal lathe

The metal lathe chuck is an accessory for fixing a workpiece on the metal lathe. It is composed of a cylindrical body and a series of jaws that open and close to grip the workpiece. These jaws are generally operated by a worm screw which allows their position to be adjusted and the workpiece to be tightened or loosened.

Metal lathe chucks adapted to all your needs!

You will find metal lathe chucks of different shapes, sizes and materials on the market. These accessories are generally interchangeable, so you can, depending on your needs, use dies of different sizes or shapes.

High quality metal lathe chucks

To ensure a firm hold and precise centering of the workpiece, we recommend our high-quality chucks. They will allow you to obtain clear results during machining. These chucks are quick and easy to install and use.

How to choose your metal lathe chuck?

Choosing a metal lathe chuck involves considering size, material, jaw type, centering accuracy and quality. The size depends on the lathe and the workpieces, the jaws vary in type (three or four jaws, soft, hard, expanding), the material of the chuck affects its durability, and high centering accuracy is essential for the precise machining. Opt for a premium quality chuck for optimal performance.

For specific jobs, three-jaw chucks are suitable for general machining, while four-jaw chucks are suitable for non-cylindrical workpieces. Soft chucks are delicate, ideal for preventing warping, while hard chucks provide powerful clamping. Expansion chucks are ideal for damage-free tightening. In general, three-jaw chucks are suitable for most jobs, but four-jaw chucks are preferable for asymmetrical or irregular workpieces.

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