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Working the wood is noble, well equip is obvious, know how to use the machines often an adventure!

Enrich yourself with our magazines and books on woodworking!

This collection of books Le Bouvet, usually written by Bruno Meyer, Didier Ternon, Eric Graffin or Damien Jacquot will teach you everything about woodwork, the router, the jointer-planer, the band saw, etc ... !

Because the top is without a doubt the most complex machine and not necessarily intuitive unlike the jointer or the circular saw, these books are a source in which to draw.

You'll know how to make a joint, a profiling and a counter-profile, a groove-tongue, a tenon and many other techniques to use his router in the best conditions.

The books will also guide you on the choice of your woodworking machine, they will explain to you what they are used for and how they are used. Because a circular saw does not work like a band saw or because a sander does not do the same job as a planer, technical documents flip through all the time!

Specialized books on woodworking and DVD - Probois machinoutils

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Editions "Bouvet" : Make your first piece of furniture

11.36 € Tax included

Techniques, joints and finishes : you will be proud to implement the advice given here and to achieve a confiturier. Even better, this guide provides you with many possible variants to customize your first piece of furniture... before you launch into the next !

100% Turning book - Techniques and models

28.43 € Tax included

Techniques for learning, models for progress

Pat Ganot gradually introduces you to the techniques, tools, accessories, etc. related to turning.

There you will find advice before you start, a focus on turning wood, a detailed presentation of the tools, the technique of digging and its possibilities, a complete file on boxes and interlocking, "easy" achievements as well as technically more advanced creations: textured walls, offset feet ...

Book on the discovery of filming

11.37 € Tax included

All the techniques to make your first turned objects.

In this special edition, the bias of BOIS + specialists is technical, and aims to answer all the beginner's questions. Ready to discover a new universe?