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Whether you are a professional or an amateur, our machines and garden tools will help you maintain your exterior with care and speed. We have all the spare parts of these machines, so we ensure a long life of the machines.

A wide range of garden machines and tools at the best price!

Mowers, scarifiers, brushcutters, pruners, log splitters, log saws, hedge trimmers, look no further, we have it all! Discover our complete range of tools and garden machines allowing a simple, pleasant and effective gardening in all circumstances.

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Rotative Sieve Scheppach RS 350

359.00 €

Ideal for construction sites, farm work and gardening - sifting sand, compost, blends and composite products.

Extendable Pruning Saw

35.99 €

Pruning saw for intensive use, with telescopic handle and blade toothing with triple cutting edge the shape of which facilitates the cutting of the branches.

Scarifier Scheppach SA32-13th Scarifier Scheppach SA32-13th
  • -€35.00

Scarifier Scheppach SA32-13th

134.99 € €172.49 -€35.00

Powerful Scheppach scarifier, very manageable with multiple functions that will allow you to achieve a perfect care of your turf. Thanks to its interchangeable roller it allows to carry out an intensive scarification by perfectly ridding the turf of the vegetable felting.

Thermal chainsaw Scheppach... Thermal chainsaw Scheppach...
  • -€50.00

Thermal chainsaw Scheppach CSH56

149.99 € €200.49 -€50.00

The Scheppach CSH46 thermal chainsaw is an ideal tool for all household tasks.

Brush cutter Scheppach BCH5200PB

159.99 €

Need to cut saplings or clear dense undergrowth or bramble ? Check out the Scheppach Semi professional brush cutters. With a rugged professional design, this model has what it takes to help you in the filed, whether you're maintaining a fence line or out in the forest with a tough clearing job.

Log saw Holzmann BBS350 - 230V

2,399.00 €

The Holzmann BBS350 log saw is ideal for cutting soft, hard, dry wood prisms or wood with a length corresponding to the machine design.

Garden pump Zipper zi-hww1200n
  • -€30.00

Garden pump Zipper zi-hww1200n

149.00 € €179.50 -€30.00

This ZI-HWW1200N stainless steel Zipper pump with powerful motor is ideal for water supply.