Parts for plunge saw

The brands Kity, Woodstar and Scheppach are well known in DIY and carpentry.

Many diving saws have sold and many are looking for spare parts!

Find here all the parts that will allow you to maintain and repair your diving circular saw. 3 models of machines are on the market and are available according to their cutting height. For the smaller ones, we have the plunge saw Scheppach PL285 and Scheppach PL305 but also the Scheppach CS45 or PL45. Next come the well-known Kity 550 and the Kity 750 and the Scheppach PL55 and Scheppach CS55. Scheppach is also the Woodstar brand sold in DIY stores, the plunge saw is then called Divar 55 and Divar 75!

Parts for plunge saw - Probois Machinoutils

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