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The use of a chip vacuum cleaner is essential in carpentry work. Indeed, woodworking machines send out a lot of sawdust and wood shavings, so it is important for the health of its user to work with suction.

The turbine: An essential spare part for repairing a chip vacuum cleaner

The turbine is a key part of a chip vacuum cleaner. If a piece of wood is sucked up by your vacuum cleaner, this can damage this turbine, hence the importance of being able to find spare parts.

We offer here different turbines as well for the old Kity brand vacuum cleaners, such as the Kity 692, the Kity 694 and Kity 695 or the Kity 697 but also for the more recent models such as the Scheppach Woova 3.1 or the Leman LOASP060 for example.

As well as for the famous Holzmann ABS2480 and Holzmann ABS3880 chip vacuum cleaners, the Leman ASP152 which replaced the ASP150 and the Leman ASP302 replacing the ASP300. Let's not forget the vacuum cleaners of the brand Jean l'ébéniste like the FM300 and the FM300S.

Your chip vacuum cleaner is saved, the replacement turbine is certainly here!

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