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The use of a chip vacuum cleaner is essential in the work of carpentry. Indeed, woodworking machines send a lot of sawdust and wood chips, so it is important for the health of the user to work with an aspiration with an effective means of trapping wood dust.

A filter cartridge of chip vacuum cleaner to retain particles and wood dust!

The filter cartridge FP1 to FP3 filters very fine wood dust. The role of a filter cartridge is to replace the dust bag located on the chip vacuum cleaner. This filter bag, usually made of cotton or felt, only filters dust of about 30 to 40 microns while the filter cartridge has a filtration capacity 10 times higher!

The guarantee of an extreme filtration of fine wood dust!

The maximum evacuation of chips and very fine dust is normally recommended in a carpentry workshop or simply for the individual concerned to preserve his health!

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