The operation of the chainsaws is always the same, the motor drives a guide surrounded by a chain equipped with teeth.

These machines are equipped with safety devices but we advise you to use these machines with care and to provide you with safety equipment (gloves, glasses and others).

A wide range of chainsaws and pruners

The pruner: it can be thermal or electric, ergonomic and light, it is designed for cutting branches, used with one hand it will allow you to cut branches difficult to access.

Chainsaw: thermal or electric, it is ideal for cutting wood, cutting shrubs and wood in general. Heavier than the pruner, it is used with both hands.

The pole saw: you do not need to climb your tree with this machine, it can be thermal or electric, its pole is often telescopic and its head swivel.

Whether electric, thermal or boom, find here your ideal chainsaw and pruner!

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Chainsaw Scheppach CSP2540 - 26 cm3 Chainsaw Scheppach CSP2540 - 26 cm3
  • -€31.00

Chainsaw Woodster CSP10 - 26 cm3

68.99 € Tax included €100.49 -€31.00

This pruner Woodster CSP10 equipped with a powerful 2-stroke 25.3 cm3, very efficient has a powerful torque!