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Sliding miter saw

This machine is indispensable in many types of work such as cutting baseboards, cleats or chopsticks.

Quality sliding miter saw

The sliding miter saw cuts wood pieces at an angle to create an angle.

Miter cuts are generally at 45 ° but can be adjusted to between 0 and 90 ° as needed. The main purpose of the miter cut is the assembly of two pieces butt to achieve a clean cut of the piece and thus ensure a perfect finish.

A wide choice of radial saws for all your needs

We also offer models equipped with upper tables allowing the saw to go from miter saw to table saw in seconds!

All these machines can be used for cutting different materials such as wood, aluminum and plastic by adapting its blade to materials.

Sliding miter saw - Probois machinoutils

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Radial miter saw Bernardo ZKG305D

279.17 € Tax included

The Bernardo ZKG305D radial miter saw is ideal for working with wood, plastic profiles, coated plates and non-ferrous metals. With its thoughtful details, like the double tilt and double tab function, the high guide rails and the laser cutting line, it is a versatile and flexible machine for interior design.

Sliding radial miter saw Holzmann KAP305ECO

258.33 € Tax included

Powerful and stable Holzmann KAP305ECO radial miter saw equipped with a 1800W motor, laser, and other options to work efficiently with precision!

Radial miter saw ø305 mm Holzprofi Maker BMS305

287.50 € Tax included

This Holzprofi MAKER BMS305 ø305 mm miter saw has been designed to suit woodworking enthusiasts looking for a high-performance machine equipped with new generation options.

Radial miter saw Holzmann KAP305JL

308.33 € Tax included

The Holzmann KAP305JL radial miter saw is ideal for cutting jobs requiring high precision and a large cutting capacity.

Radial miter saw JET JSMS 10L-M

322.50 € Tax included

Equipped with a 2CV engine, this JET JSMS 10L-M radial miter saw will allow you to cut up to 305 mm wide by a height of 90 mm.