Tools bore 50 mm

The combined wood and 50 mm tree tops are very numerous and very often used by professionals.

However, many do-it-yourselfers, amateurs, purchase them because they have much more interesting capabilities than 30 mm tree wood machines.

We offer here a wide range of 50 mm shaft router tooling!

Spindle tools for 50 mm shafts are larger in cutting diameter and are often offered in steel because at the base they are tools for joiners and cabinetmakers.

A whole range of tooling in bore of 50 mm is proposed to you here at Probois Machinoutils, tools of professional quality for molding, tenoning, rebinding, grooving, calibrating, profiling, etc ...

Tools for spindle moulder bore 50 mm - Probois machinoutils

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Editions "Bouvet" : Make your first piece of furniture

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Techniques, joints and finishes : you will be proud to implement the advice given here and to achieve a confiturier. Even better, this guide provides you with many possible variants to customize your first piece of furniture... before you launch into the next !