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Spindle moulder and Combined spindle moulder-saw

The router is a woodworking machine tool used to profile, mold wood. It is the essential machine in carpentry, cabinet making for the manufacture of furniture! The saw-top is a 2-in-1 combination for sawing small and large panels and for routing wood molding! This combined wood combines two essential operations of carpentry in one machine.

A whole range of spinning tops for woodworking is presented here!

Whether with fixed shaft or tilting shaft, the router is probably the most complicated machine in carpentry, so better not to go wrong in choosing it ... Each router is offered with its indispensable router carriage, its protective cover with wood pressure to avoid returns and a range of router tools is also presented on the site to work with these complex machines!

Different models of top-saw combines are also presented!

Often these handsets have a large sliding aluminum slide slide trolley for work formatting very convenient also for routing. These machines have a powerful motor and depending on the model the router has several cutting speeds.

The circular saw with an interesting blade diameter allows a good cutting height. The table is therefore also larger and allows larger pieces of wood to be milled more easily than on a single router or an entry-level circular saw.

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